Flatiron Office Space, Why It’s The Best Place To Be Happy In NYC

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Flatiron Office Space

The history behind the Flatiron district and the modern finish of the commercial office buildings gives it an iconic status that every business person would like to be a part of. Known for its big box retail outlets and departmental stores in the mid-1990s, its reputation as a residential neighborhood began in the 1980s. Numerous fresh graduates, as well as established professionals, have pitched camp here for the proximity to work and energetic atmosphere.

Such a vibrant place to live in and raise children, many Flatiron residents find life to be perfect.

Flatiron Office SpaceHow ideal is it? It is like living in the middle of everything; the flatiron neighborhood is close to midtown and union square which is fed by a rich transportation network. The central location of this place, makes it accessible by foot from other parts of the city, and you will not be alone; the streets are filled with people navigating and walking through NYC.

When you come to flatiron for the first time, the first thing you notice is the fast pace but this is only characteristic of the daytime, throughout the week, even on the weekends. As opposed to weekdays where the rush is in the morning, lunchtime and evening after work, the weekend rush is characterized by outdoor sitting on almost all streets. Such a mellow and quiet atmosphere during the night, the neighborhood has great dining spots to liven every one of its corners.

Living and working in flatiron provides a ready solution for world-famous fresh foods. Union Square Greenmarket attracts both locals and tourists who are looking to stock up on healthy and fresh farm produce.

The area of flatiron continues to mesmerize both dwellers and visitors in equal measure. What began as an industrial area is now a busy neighborhood that is not only fit to raise a family but bears rich historic significance. It has over time developed into an architectural landmark prompting photos and scenic images captured from everyone who walks through. The flatiron building in New York is witness to this; standing 6 feet wide in some spaces, it is a symbol of architectural impact in the twentieth century.

Thinking of setting up your business in flatiron? The neighborhood is just like any other in the world, but these are the added benefits you stand to gain;

Technology at your doorstep

When you analyze the majority of businesses in the neighborhood of flatiron, you realize that the predominance of companies dealing in technology is overwhelming. As technology continues to advance into every area of home life and into the very essence of human existence, there is no doubt that those in the tech field will be prosperous. Prosperity will not only be for those directly related to what is happening in technology but to those whose businesses rely on technology at whatever level. It Flatiron Office Spacemeans that the services of technicians will be readily available and affordable.

Web support services

The era of the internet has seen businesses begin to interact directly with their clients much faster, and advance operations by being visible on the web. Choose to have your business set up in a flatiron office space and you automatically find yourself in the middle of a sea of writers, illustrators, editors, and all manner of web marketing professionals. This convergence of creative and services in a single spot has the power to turn the neighborhood into a hub of creativity.

Coworking spaces

We all know the benefits of coworking and over the last several years, many people have taken it up as a way of tapping into a great knowledge source and community for a flatiron office space. This is the nature of setting up a business in flatiron where every sector of business is run from a technology point of view. The many coworking spaces in flatiron are a good anchor for businesses that are just starting out. Without investing too much or making a costly space commitment, coworking spaces allow for business people to work at a hot desk before they are ready to invest in their own flatiron office space.

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The millennial hub

Flatiron is both home and business for some people and while that may seem like a complex situation, growing up in a technology hub has the ability to transform one into a technology guru. Well, it may not be that obvious but at least you will have an idea of what technological solutions suit your kind of business. More companies, especially large technological corporations are warming up to the idea that young people would rather work a stone’s throw away than commute to work. There is definitely a need to go out to make an honest living, but not everyone will see it from the same point of view. By bringing their operations closer to the neighborhood of flatiron, businesses that choose to be in this neighborhood with technology all around them have a chance to put their creativity to good use.

Only in flatiron can you experience this level of employee freedom but then again, this is where the future of business is headed.


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