5 Important Things to Consider in an NYC Office Space

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5 Important Things To Consider In An NYC Office Space

Given of how grand the location is, it can be difficult to look for an office space in New York City. It’s a big city yet the costs for renting an office space is very expensive. But being a business center that gets clients both locally and internationally, it’s still a must for many companies to have an office branch in Manhattan. With several office spaces available in New York City, what exactly do you have to look for?

nyc office spaceLocation

The first thing you have to consider about your office space is its location. This matters for both your employees and your clients. Is it accessible for many of your employees on their daily commute? Can your clients reach you with ease? For example, picking out an office space in Union Square is wise if most of your clients or employees are located there. Having the office space located near commercial establishments such as restaurants, coffee shops, and gyms also make it easier for your employees to work.

Internet Access

Many offices today can’t function without a decent internet connection. If you’re looking for an office space, always consider if it includes internet access. Setting up a connection yourself may be a hefty amount, on top of the monthly rent that comes with the office space. Look at an office space’s fees and rent, and see if internet access is included so that you won’t have to worry about it.


You can expect that you’ll be investing a decent amount when renting an office space in NYC, so checking the physical conditions of the office space is a must. Lights, plumbing, and air-conditioning should be functioning without any problems. The floors, walls, and ceiling should be free from any damage. It’s crucial to get your money’s worth and that you don’t have to pay for any repairs on top of the rent.

nyc office spaceDesign and Feel

The look of the office space is also important. If you’re running a professional company, a slick office space with carpeted floors and cool colors works best to promote productivity. On the other hand, a creative team could work with a little more color. There are a lot of things that you can do with the design of your office. You can use tiles cut up with tile cutters for an authentic look or make use of big windows to let in natural lighting. There’s a degree of freedom here, so better choose something that goes well with the kind of company you’re running.

Size of the Office

Establishing an office will be a lot easier if you know how big of an office that you’re looking for. Consider how many employees that you have. You also have to think about the equipment that your office will need. Getting an office that’s way too big can end up costing you a lot of money. However, choosing a place that’s too cramped will affect the productivity of your employees and could give a negative impression to clients that come in. 


Searching for a decent office space in NYC can be difficult. But knowing what to look for is the crucial step in getting one that’s affordable and high quality. Be wise and always see to it that what you’re getting from your office space is good for both your employees and your clients.

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