Communities That Are Helping Israel Startups With the Transition to NYC

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Israel to NYC

Close to three hundred startups have moved from Israel to NYC and they are creating an atmosphere of collaboration and energy that rivals Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. New York has been an exceptional city to raise money for startups from Israel. Via announced a 100 million C round in May, business analytic startup Sisense raised a fifty million D round in January and content marketing software startup Outbrain also recently announced a forty-five million dollar round of financing. Many other Israel startups that have moved to NYC are doing exceptionally well and the usual route for the best way to raise money seems to be a combination of US and Israeli money.

Moving from Israel to NYC is not an easy process but it’s becoming easier with the help of communities that are being created to help with the transition. Here are the best ones.

Cornell Tech

Cornell Tech is one of the outstanding businesses focused on helping Israel companies with the transition to New York. Cornell Tech is a bold new model of graduate education designed for entrepreneurial technologists who seek to revolutionize the way we work, live, and play in a rapidly growing digital economy.Cornell Tech

The campus is located in Chelsea, a hub for several leading tech companies. Their environment is a kinetic collision between industry and academia that provides a fast-paced, full-time education without ever leaving the tech community by bringing students together with the companies that are leading and changing the world. A hub of connections to peers, users, businesses, financiers, and tech pioneers in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.

Consulate General of Israel in New York

The Consulate General of Israel in New York represents the State of Israel in New York. The Consulate handles coordinating relationships with national and local organizations in the New York area, offices of public officials, businesses and citizens. All their departments work hand-in-hand to serve you in the most effective way, striving to provide the best of Israel to your community.

Founders Nation

Founders Nation is a platform for entrepreneurs and founders. They built Founders Nation tFounders Nationo connect dreamers that wish to make the world a better place through innovation and technology.

Founders are constantly wondering how to make their dreams a reality. Building a startup is hard work. It’s a journey to create something new and it takes believing in a dream each day, often against all odds.

Founders Nation really excels is in helping you find a co-founder. Finding a co-founder for an early stage company is one of the most difficult parts of the process. The goal is to find someone that will become your equal and partner, someone that will share the burdens and the joys along the way. Someone that will challenge you, drive you to excel and be there with you during key moments. This will become a similar experience to having a spouse. Someone that is a confidant, sounding board, someone that will share big moments. Not to be overlooked is that this is someone that you will disagree with at times and will challenge you during the worst times your fledgling company faces. You need someone that will stick by you while you weather the storm.

Israel Trade & Economic Office

Their goal is to promote trade and investment between Israel and the United States, particularly in NYC. They promote collaboration between Israeli and U.S. companies in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, clean energy, food, homeland security, IT, water technology, and wine. They offer opportunities from Israel to local business communities, in addition to general information about the economy, specific sectors, or specific companies.

Encouraging foreign investment in Israeli companies and identify Israeli entities and companies that are open to cultivating a U.S. presence, developing R&D or other strategic cooperation.  Additionally, they assist the Israeli business community by providing business information and contacts through an extensive database of businesses on the East Coast from a variety of economic sectors.

NY-Israel Fash&Tech

Fash&Tech is an independent community focused on fashion related innovation. They bring together over 800 entrepreneurs, investors, brands and industry leaders in Tel Aviv. The community is led by former fashion & tech entrepreneurs themselves and in early 2016 they opened a sister group for Fash&Tech in NYC with over 200 members led by Liraz Cohen Mordechai.

Israeli Mapped in NY

Israeli Mapped in NY shows the Israeli success story as a startup nation. The site and the interactive map is designed to provide a forum for these startups to learn about each other, lend support to one another, cooperate, share advice, and a virtual work space. The website also promotes Israeli startups to potential employees and investors.


LeumiTech is the financial home of Israeli high-tech, in Israel and NYC. A subsidiary of Bank Leumi created as part of Leumi Group’s strategy to focus on the high-tech sector, from Tel Aviv to New York.

Leumi Group is the leading financial group for the high-tech industry in Israel and includes dedicated and skilled commercial banking teams specialized in supporting startups companies and global subsidiaries. They have a comprehensive array of high-tech specific banking products and strong relationships with leading investors and industry service providers.


VentureOutNY is dedicated to helping international startups launch and succeed in New York City. Based on the philosophy that talent is evenly distributed but an opportunity is not, they help bridge that gap for international entrepreneurs. Through their one-week NY market accelerator programs, they help introduce the world’s most talented entrepreneurs from abroad to the vibrant startup scene in NYC, fast tracking their growth by helping establish relationships with the most relevant NYC-based investors, entrepreneurs and service providers.

The startup scene in NYC is exploding, with growth outpacing most cities in the U.S. and around the globe. Many nations do not have the seed funding and risk tolerance found in New York that is necessary to support the growth of promising early stage technology ventures. VentureOutNY identifies and recruits the best of these startups, immersing them in the NY tech community, connecting them with investors, and enriching NYC’s vibrant startup ecosystem by helping these entrepreneurs thrive. And with every entrepreneur they help, NY’s technology community grows even stronger.


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