Israeli Startups NYC: The Top 13 New & Sensational Businesses

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 Israeli Startups NYC

Early-stage financing is crucial for startups, especially since most do not make enough cash flow in the initial stages to cover operational costs. With the right venture capitalist or investor at your side, it should be easy to overcome many of the challenges encountered during the early stages of a business, before going on to eventually making substantial profits.

Thanks to the availability of early stage financing, many Israeli startups are starting to make their presence felt in NYC and they are represented in many industries such as cybersecurity, the internet of things (IoT) and digital healthcare services.

Israel is among the top ranking countries for IT startups and recently tied for 9th place with the Netherlands for tech activity exits. Whether you are launching your startup in Israel or NYC, a few strategies will help ensure success:

Israeli Startups NYCChoosing the right co-founder

Taking the time to find the right co-founder is crucial to early stage startup success. Your startup will go through an early period during which cash flow will probably be low to nil and you need to ensure that your startup team will stick with you through the hard times. In addition, you need a partner you can trust and not someone who will run off to join the competition or patent your product in their name when your back is turned.

Determining a clear leader

For your startup to run efficiently, the buck needs to stop with somebody. Even if you’re starting your tech firm and splitting the equity equally with a group of friends, it is important to determine who will be in charge from the get-go. The person named CEO will be in charge of driving your startup in the direction the team wants it to go as well as managing the other executives.

Keeping costs in check

Having a good financial track record is key to getting additional funding after the early stages of a startup. It’s imperative to control your spending, keep records of what you are spending money on, and generally apply a frugal approach to your expenditure in order to keep costs down.

Doing it best

Israeli startups will continue to make inroads into the NYC tech and startup scene, prompting more entrepreneurs to join the movement. While the challenges of operating an early-stage startup and moving it to NYC are great, there are a few who already have and are doing it exceptionally well. Here are the top early-stage Israeli startups that moved to NYC.

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#13 Cleanly

Cleanly is the easiest way to get laundry done. After an order is placed through the mobile application, a Cleanly Valet arrives at your door, weighs your laundry to give you an estimate of cost, and brings it back at the date and time requested with your clothes washed, folded, and packed.

#12 Nexar

Nexar employs machine vision and sensor fusion algorithms, leveraging the iPhone’s sensors to analyze and understand the car’s surrounding and provide unique documentation in case of accidents.

The depth of Nexar’s on-device analysis allows it to create an accident report that completely transforms the insurance claims process. Nexar adds a video of the accident to the claim, alongside a detailed reconstruction based on the iPhone’s sensor readings.


HYPR’s mission is to organize all the information in the world about influential social media users and their audience. HYPR’s database revolutionizes the way marketers interact with influencers, by allowing them to understand exactly which influencer affects their target audience, on which platform and to what extent.

The HYPR search engine is the only platform in the world that provides cross-platform geographic, psychographic and demographic data for over 10 million influencers.  HYPR crawls the internet daily, making it easy to find the perfect influencer for any of your campaigns with just a few simple searches. They pride themselves on putting brands first, by empowering them to lower their costs and increase ROI – for that reason they do not represent influencers.

#10 Moburst

Moburst is a full service, global mobile marketing agency that helps companies grow their mobile business. After redefining hundreds of apps and A/B testing every possible feature in every vertical, their team knows what works for each product, and how to deliver the most relevant experiences for each user. They love solving clients’ tough mobile challenges and believe that the combination of creative thinking, advanced technology, and data drives (success/performance) at scale.

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#9 ThetaRay

ThetaRay’s solutions detect cyber threats and attacks on critical infrastructure, strategic facilities, communication networks and large financial institutions. ThetaRay’s Hyper-dimensional Big Data Analytics simultaneously analyze all security and operational anomalies across large, heterogeneous data sets in order to detect and defeat threats before any damage is done. The solution requires no rules or signatures, and automatically identifies hidden, stealthy cyber-attacks within minutes, with unprecedented success rates and very low false positives.

#8 Splacer

Space defines our lives. As architects, Splacer believes they can improve the way we use and share space in order to foster creativity, build community and promote a more sustainable model of urban life. Splacer is an online platform where you can list, discover, and book spaces.

Their marketplace gives access to undiscovered and underutilized spaces, offering extraordinary arenas for events, experiences, and activation of all shapes and sizes. Splacer is adding new dimensions to your next meeting, party, production or pop-up event.

#7 is a discovery & booking platform for immersive, impactful travel experiences hosted by do-good organizations. 100% of the hosting revenue is invested back into the local community.

Their visits do not include service work, they are designed as tours, workshops, and activities offered by members of the local community. Travelers can build full itineraries with these half-day experiences or simply add them to existing travel plans.

Their partner organizations join them through a vetting process to ensure that revenue is truly reinvested in local communities. With each visit, you are able to make a tangible difference in communities around the world. For example, one hike with their partner nonprofit organization based in Bolivia creates educational materials for a school of twenty.

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#6 Avanan 

With a click of a button, protect your enterprise Office365, Box, Google or any other SaaS application with best-of-breed security from over 70 industry-leading security vendors like Check Point, Symantec and Fire Eye.

Avanan protects your data in the cloud with the same industry-leading security you trust in your data center. The cloud-based platform is completely out-of-band, requires no proxy, and can be deployed in just 10 minutes. It provides seamless policy governance across users and data in the cloud.

#5 Lightricks

Lightricks was built on the premise that mobile devices can be used for so much more than passively viewing content. They believe these devices offer a unique opportunity to empower human creativity. Their goal is to integrate the most advanced technologies from computer vision, computer graphics, and image processing into products that enhance the experience of users in ways that have never been seen before.

#4 ZUtA

ZUtA Labs is a team of out-of-the-box thinkers who care about design and usability, and know that there is a better way to do things today and are looking to improve our lives through the emerging field of Consumer Robotics.

Their first product is the ZUtA Robotic Printer- a small robot, that runs across the paper and prints while doing so. The printer is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and yet can print on any size paper.

#3 Stratoscale

Stratoscale provides a hyper-converged operating system for data centers that can scale from a few servers to thousands, converging all functions so that storage, compute and networking are instantly provisioned, distributed and available.

#2 Bkstg

A platform where fans can watch exclusive videos, listen to music, be the first to buy limited edition merch or VIP tickets, and connect directly with other fans. They believe fans should be able to have everything about their favorite artists in one place, and the most loyal fans should be able to get noticed, get access, and get closer. They believe artists should have a platform to connect with their fans, on their terms, and without restriction.

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#1 Deeplink

Deeplink is the largest mobile app deep linking platform, allowing app developers to create cross-platform links to the insides of their apps. They also built a retargeting platform that allows app developers to find their users and bring them back to pages in their app, to drive conversions.

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