The most natural environment to work at, in the heart of NYC. Our space envelopes you in reclaimed wood, with the original brick walls, left bare, to bring a certain energy to this historic loft, and a definite focus to your work day. Fully furnished with rustic style and unique, organic interior design, our spacious, open loft setup is certain to make you fall in love with work again.

Stay engaged and productive in our private office spaces, or vibe off the other coworkers in our airy, communal areas. We provide everything you need to achieve your most efficient, most inspired work.

Vibrant plants, wide full-floor office spaces, panoramic windows, and sun-soaked natural light are just a few of the other highlights that breathe life into this exceptional coworking experience, allowing your workflow to be as open and endless as the high ceilings above you.

It’s not just what’s inside The Farm Soho – it's WHERE we’re based that makes this New York’s go-to coworking hotspot for entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, and freelancers who want to be immersed in a dynamic environment. Located in one of the most desired neighborhoods in New York, close to major subway lines with elevator use, this is an easy work commute from anywhere in the city.

Whether you’re an established enterprise or a scaling startup, our competitive office space rates will keep your business driving forward, opening you up to a world of opportunities.

Welcome to your next business move.

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