Knotel- Office Space in NYC

Breaking Down Knotel- Headquarters as a Service

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Knotel’s Emergence Office space design and operational modalities are constantly changing. This is especially so in competitive markets such as New York, London, San Francisco, and Tokyo. Companies are constantly reinventing how their employees should work including lighting, furniture, and layout concepts. But interestingly, over the past decade, changes in the business of office space […]

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NYC Startups

The 7 Most Exciting NYC Startups That Are Thriving

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The 7 Most Exciting NYC Startups Successful NYC startups are on the rise in a big way. Given the general goodwill and a good business environment that startups are exposed to, many innovative ideas are turning into viable businesses in NYC. There is also a lot of support from venture capitalists and financial organizations. These […]

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