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Coworking Space

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups are looking for ways to keep their costs down as they start their ventures. By choosing a coworking space early stage entrepreneurs can avoid being locked into a long-term lease. This can be extremely convenient for solopreneurs and freelancers, especially ones that travel often.

Finding the best coworking space possible with an overwhelming amount of options in NYC can easily turn into a job itself. Here is an easy guide to help you find the best coworking space.

There are several mobile-based apps that assist business owners in finding places to work and people who have extra space to share their extra space. Here are the best ones.


Deskcamping gives you the profiles of the people using the coworking space as well as the culture of the workplaces. It also allows the new coworker or the community manager to cancel the contract for the use of the workspace in the first five days if either party is not happy with the new collaboration.

DesksNearMeCoworking Space

This worldwide app provides a listing of working spaces in major cities that include New York City. The workspaces are grouped in terms of the office buildings, retail spaces, medical suites and much more. The app also helps the big companies take part in the sharing economy.


Sharedesk puts together a list of coworking spaces as well as fully serviced offices and meeting facilities around the world. The services are not yet on smartphones, but it is a viable solution to finding coworking spaces.


Liquidspace connects workers with existing workplaces by allowing them to select the kind of people that they would love working with. This proves important when it comes to collaboration in projects.


This app helps you find the best laptop-friendly places that you can work from in New York and around the world. These places include coworking spaces, coffee shops, and libraries. Moreover, an active community makes reviews of workplaces on the community forum to help people decide areas from which to work.

Coworking wiki

Coworking wiki is a collection of collaboration spaces. In the past few years, the movement has grown in popularity being fueled by numerous freelancers and a growing number of coworking centers around the world.

There is a monthly subscription fee at coworking spaces. The subscription is either owning your desk for the day (known as hot desks), a daily drop-in rate or paying for a given number of visits in a month. The Coworking wiki keeps a list of these centers along with their rates and terms of service.


Jelly Wiki

The Jelly is loosely interpreted as a casual working event where people are invited. It started as an informal coworking gathering of professionals on a suitably equipped office. Most of the meetings were in a coffee shop or someone’s house that had office facilities. The Jelly is usually free (you only take care of the costs at the given location such as drinks in a café). It is also a great platform for members to interacts and network away from their home offices. You can look for Jelly groups near your neighborhood. Otherwise, you may also form your own Jelly group with members in your industry.

Laptop Friendly Cafes

This website lists coffee shops that are suitable for working from. The information includes the availability of a power source for laptops and the quality of the Wi-Fi signal. Members also give reviews of the ambiance at the café as well as the quality of food and the coffee that they serve.

Social Networks

You can find good, shared working places on social media. You may ask your contacts about any available spaces in your locality. While many companies may shy away from subletting their space to a complete stranger, contacts that you are well acquainted with may not find it hard to sublet space at their premises to you.


Regus is a leading virtual office provider in New York and around the world. It specializes in meeting rooms and working spaces. Regus buildings are often found in convenient locations near transport hubs and central business districts.

You pay a monthly usage fee or for the number of times that you intend to use their office facilities. The company offers serviced spaces, WiFi, fully equipped kitchens and a staffed front office desk that serves all individuals using the facility.

Business Incubation Centers

There are several business incubation centers in New York. Most of these centers provide starCoworking Spacetups of budding businesses with general office equipment and space. Others go a step further to offer technical and management assistance to individuals that are incubating their business at their premises at a low cost.

Asking Friends That Are Business Owners

If you have a friend in the neighborhood that has a business where there is extra space, you can approach him or her and request that she or he sublet the space. Most people would gladly agree as it cuts the monthly expenses for the premises.


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