How To Find Office Space In Austin, The Top 5 Options

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The Best Way to Find Office Space in Austin 

Finding an office space that meets your requirement is a lot harder than getting a residential home to lease or purchase in Austin. Unlike residential real estate that is governed by a real estate commission, commercial properties are less regulated. Here are a few useful ways to get the best possible office space in Austin for your expanding business.

Hire a commercial realtor 

Office Space AustinAs a businessperson, you do not have the patience, experience, time, and resources to call property owners and listing agents to find office space. Rather than committing more time that you already don’t have, look for a commercial real estate agent. The agents have connections with others in the commercial property industry and can help locate hundreds of office spaces of your choice. Moreover, the agents can negotiate the best offers in the market, ensure full disclosure of the material facts, and facilitate the contract.

If you’re already working with a commercial realtor (in the current space that you have occupied), consider using their company to look for a new office. You stand to get a better deal from a company with which you have created a good and long-term working relationship.

Search online listings 

Online property listings, despite not being accurate due to lack of frequent updating, can give you an idea of where you can get an office. When doing your online search check the date the listings were uploaded to the site and pick a few of the latest ones. From this point, you can call a few listing agents and get a feel for the market.

To get better and more specific results, use terms that coincide with what’s important to your business. For example, the differences in an industrial or retail space will give you many different results. The cost of office space to rent in Austin is dependent on the location, the total amount of space and availability of other amenities and facilities within the property. Decide what you need before looking for an office space.

To try to make your search easier we researched your options for finding office space in Austin and ranked them by their professionalism, the length of time in business and the happiness of their clients. Here are the top five ways to find office space in Austin.

They specialize in locating a commercial office or industrial/warehouse space exclusively for tenants looking to purchase or lease in Austin. They take an aggressive approach to finding the perfect solution to your office space needs while staying within a defined budgetary track. 
Their company researches thousands of options in the Austin market to find unique and hard to find options that suit your exact needs. They assist in the initial space evaluation process, negotiating the best lease terms, contract negotiations and the entire move in details. 
Texas Office Advisors is a commercial real estate firm that specializes in helping tenants with their office space leasing needs. Unlike most other brokerages, Texas Office Advisors only represent tenants, never landlords, to avoid conflict of interest. This stance allows them to provide unbiased and aggressive negotiations on behalf of their clients while ensuring that loyalties remain in their best interest.
Austin Office Space represents tenants looking to lease or purchase office or industrial space. They manage every piece of the process: analyzing your long-term needs, searching the entire market, touring, guidance with site selection, negotiating terms, negotiating lease documents, construction management, and they’ll even help you move a desk. Their goal is to structure the most aggressive deal possible while mitigating short and long term risk for their clients. 
Shire Commercial specializes in Austin office and warehouse properties. This allows you, the client, to take advantage of specific knowledge regarding Austin office and warehouse properties while reaping the benefits of focused leasing strategies, purchase negotiations, and location services. 
Representing companies in Austin office & commercial lease transactions from site selection to negotiation to occupancy. They help clients search for, identify, and secure the best office and commercial space locations, reduce overall occupancy costs, mitigate risks, and free up their time and resources. 
Whether the company is a startup and needs space for the first time or currently leases and needs to expand, relocate or renew the current lease, they help ensure the best possible deal while avoiding costly lease mistakes.

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Spaces Commercial Real Estate helps businesses in NYC find and secure great space. Whether you’re one person running the show or have a cast of characters to do your bidding we’ll help you find the right space and at the right price! Click below for more information.

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