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NYC Startups

NYC startups in Silicon Alley are closing the gap. Well on their way to becoming the leading startup hub in the world. NYC startups have a big advantage in that investors and their peers are all actually in NYC and not in the suburbs.

San Francisco is just as easy to get anywhere on foot or a quick Uber ride as NYC. The big difference is that you don’t need to get into a car and commute in New York. Trying to drive from San Francisco to San Jose with traffic is a complete nightmare. Commuting will take up your entire day. In New York the farthest you might have to go is Brooklyn. This makes things much faster and efficient. This gives NYC a distinct advantage. This is the number one reason why Silicon Alley will probably become the global leader for startup hubs.

NYC startups are creating revolutionary products that are changing the world. Growth is usually the easiest way to tell how healthy an early stage company is doing. Here are the ones growing the fastest.

#10 Wellthy

NYC StartupsWellthy dreams of the day when taking care of the sick and the elderly becomes seamlessly human. As well as tech-powered. They’re working hard to remove the pain of healthcare so you’re able to focus on caring for those you love. Wellthy is a modern healthcare concierge.

#9 Lively

Lively defines what sexy is today – healthy, full of life, active and outgoing. Delivering bras and undies that blend high-style, comfort and simplicity. Super cool and no BS. Lively is for real women and real life. Lively is a direct-to-you brand that cuts through the clutter and keeps it simple.

#8 Uplevel Security

Enterprises have invested millions in preventing and detecting cyber attacks. Not a week goes by without news of a major breach. The question today is not if an organization will be breached, but when.

Enterprises need advanced response technology to quickly investigate the extent of an attack. They also need to conduct a thorough cleanup. Using lessons learned to prevent future attacks. But there has been no effective tool for these response activities.

Led by the former Executive Office of the President Cybersecurity Operations Branch Chief. And a former Akamai Head of Product Development. Uplevel provides a response solution. This automates the manual tasks that bog down security teams. Applying graph theory to attack data, Uplevel creates a sophisticated security graph. Finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together for each attack. Teams have the information they need at their fingertips. They can respond to cyber attacks faster. As well as maximize resources and minimizing damage.

#7 StyleSage

StyleSage works with innovative, forward-thinking brands. Delivering data-driven, actionable insights to help with business-critical decisions.

Helping you understand competitor line plans to confirm your own line plan. They understand current trends and market movements to have the right promotional strategy. Also international price levels and assortments to adapt to local consumer preferences.

They lead the way with proprietary machine learning algorithms and technology. Collecting, analyze and visualize eCommerce activity. Working with 1000 retailers, 53,000 brands, and 100M products in over 100 countries. StyleSage has a little more than 3 years under their belt. Working with global clients. They represent over $20 billion of business in the apparel market.

#6 untapt

untapt is a talent marketplace that uses artificial intelligence. Matching technologists to their next position. This precise hiring environment is the foundation of their two core products. An external marketplace and an internal mobility environment. Each one enables companies to create a workforce poised for the future. Finally allowing candidates to find the perfect role.

#5 BrickworkNYC startups

Brickwork is the first scalable SaaS platform for retailers. They finally create a seamless customer path between online and store shopping. Because 90% of sales still occur in physical stores, over 65% of customers start their path to buying online.

Brickwork enables retailers to integrate their physical stores into their online presence. They empower local teams with new digital marketing. As well as customer service tools to engage customers in entering stores, therefore with a greater intent to buy.

The Brickwork platform includes features around services & appointments. Also, events & promotions and associates & stylists are delivered to the customer. As a result, they create immersive store pages and widgets embedded within eCommerce.

#4 IrisVR

IrisVR offers a suite of enterprise products to help professionals. In addition to helping them visualize, share, and create 3D models using Virtual Reality. Their first software offering is Prospect. Prospect converts existing 3D models into VR experiences with just one click.

#3 DataKind

DataKind harnesses the power of data science in the service of humanity. They engage data science and social sector experts on projects addressing critical humanitarian problems. Furthermore they lead the conversation about how data science can be applied. Probably solving the world’s biggest challenges.

#2 Wochit

Wochit is a video creation platform empowering newsrooms, creators, and brands. They capture and expand audience attention through the power of video. Founded in 2012, Wochit makes video accessible for anyone to produce. You can share at scale across all social and digital platforms. With Wochit, videos can be created quickly, using pre-negotiated, rights-cleared assets. Wochit is the winner of the Gutenberg Prize. This is for its disruptive technology in the field of journalism. As well as Digiday’s Best Video Technology Innovation. For their positive impact on clients’ bottom line.

Video consumption and share of the online audience seems like it continues to multiply. Organizations of all sizes are under increasing pressure to make video a standard. Especially relevant for all owned content practices. Wochit makes this possible. They have an efficient platform and it’s most noteworthy on behalf of media brands worldwide.

#1 Clarifa

Clarifai is headquartered in New York City. Founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler. They bring the world’s best image recognition technology to market. Clarifai’s deep learning systems improve orders of size and speed. As well as vocabulary size and memory footprint. As a result, they have expanded beyond images to extract knowledge from all forms of data.NYC Startups

The hub of Clarifai’s technology is a high-performance deep learning API. Helping a new generation of intelligent applications being built. It enables Clarifai to combat everyday problems with high tech solutions. Providing the most powerful machine learning systems to everyone in new and innovative ways. Most of all, Clarifai helps users make the most of their data by making it easier to find. As well as organize, analyze, and share.


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